The Huffington Post recently posted a video of Billionaire activist Bill Gates drinking a cup of water that was once human poop after being treated through an Omniprocessor. The Microsoft co-founder has long been committed to bringing clean water to the millions of people who lack it and this latest innovation could be his key to solving the issue. View the article to find out more about the Omniprocessor and his mission and be sure to check out the video.

Feb. 2 is World Wetlands Day – better mark your calendars. But wait, you don’t have to – the State Water Resources Control Board’s Clean Water Team has done it for you!

The Clean Water Team’s free, online calendar will also let you know when Creek Week happens, when California’s free fishing days come around, and even the date of National Squirrel Appreciation Day. If all this sounds a little wonky, well, Embrace Your Geekness Day is July 13, according to the calendar.

The calendar is an eclectic mix of fun and useful information, with active links to many of the events and commemorations listed. So you not only know when World Wetlands Day is scheduled, but why wetlands are important, and what you can do to help preserve them.

Photographs of Clean Water Team members are featured on each calendar month, doing what they do: volunteering to help monitor the health of the streams and rivers of California.

Access the free calendar here:

The Clean Water Team is the citizen monitoring program of the State Water Board. The team’s Citizen Monitoring Coordinators work statewide to provide technical assistance and guidance, training, and loans of equipment to volunteers in citizen monitoring programs and watershed stewardship organizations.

Citizen volunteers work through a variety of organizations to monitor water quality in streams and rivers throughout the state. Activities include collecting water quality data, evaluating fish habitat, counting birds, or making visual observations of stream health.  Community and resource managers use monitoring information to better protect California’s waters.

For more information or to volunteer for a community-based monitoring program, visit the Clean Water Team’s web page at:

CWEA will be closed Monday, Dec 22. through Friday, Dec. 26. We wish you and your families a Happy Holiday!


Board nominations are due January 2, 2015. Read more about the nomination process here.

Committee Reports are due January 9, 2015. Download the committee report form here.

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