From Wendy Wert, LA Sanitation Districts

On November 16, 2011 the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) hosted its’ Annual Leadership training event at the Sacramento Area Sewer District in Sacramento, CA. Every year CWEA offers free leadership development training to volunteer leaders at the Annual Conference in April and every fall. The featured speaker at this venue was Leadership Strategist Cynthia D’Amour.  Cynthia has served more than 67 total years on volunteer boards and recruited more than 250 members. Registrants received a free copy of Cynthia’s book “The Lazy Leader’s Guide to Outrageous Results.”

Cynthia challenged attendees to “Lead, Laugh, or Get Out of the Way!”  The skills offered through these informative training events are a concrete demonstration of the benefits that the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County (Sanitation Districts) has gained from association with the CWEA. 

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Avoid Pain in the Drain

Rich holiday foods can stick not only to your waistband, but also to your pipes. Grease blocks drains and sewers, and a raw sewage backup is a sure-fire recipe for a holiday disaster.

You might think it doesn’t hurt to rinse a small amount of grease down the drain, especially if you use hot water. But hot water only pushes the grease a bit further down the pipe where it solidifies and traps debris.

After, the jump the Long Beach Water Department offers a helpful video on the right and wrong ways to dispose of Fats, Oil and Grease (affectionately known as FOG).

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The $5,000 Clair A. Hill Scholarship award will go to a Ca college junior or senior next fall

Earlier this year, the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) received the Clair A Hill Award for excellence in water management and innovation from the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA). The District won the prestigious award for work on a recycled water project. As is tradition, the winner then administers the scholarship program which is funded by ACWA.

ACWA began its scholarship in 1988 to enlist talented and innovative students in the effort to ensure California’s water quality and to implement sound water management policies. This year, ACWA continues its academic scholarship program by offering a $5,000 scholarship in the name of water leader Clair A. Hill to a qualified student in various water resources-related fields of study.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must have completed their sophomore work at the time of the award. They must be a CA resident, enrolled in college or university in the state and have a strong interest and course of study in the environmental or water-related fields. They will be judged not only on theirs scholastic achievement but the degree of interest in the water or related area they demonstrate.

The applicant is expected to demonstrate commitment to the field of water resources by pursuing a degree related to, or identified with water resources related fields of study (i.e. engineering, agricultural and/or urban water supply, environmental studies or public administration). For complete guidelines and the application, go to: http://www.acwa/content/clair-hill-scholarship-O or contact Katherine Parker, EBMUD scholarship coordinator, at 510-287-0204. Applications mailed in and postmarked by Feb. 1, 2012.

Fun water facts:

  • $1.50  is the amount per sq. ft a homeowner can get from the Southern Nevada Water Authority for removing grass from their lawn.
  • 400 is the average gallons used per day per household in the US.  The average water bill is $34 (a little more than a dollar per day).
  • 31 cents is the price of water per cubic meter in China, where millions lack access to water.  Some believe raising the price would lead to investment in  a better infrastructure.
  • $3.01 is the price of water per cubic meter in Germany. The price is high but has enabled the country to provide water for the entire population.
  • 8 Meters is the amount the water table has dropped since 2002 on the Pacific Coast of Peru where huge amounts of water are used to grow the $450 million a year asparagus crop.
  • 884 Million are the number of people who lack access to safe water supplies: approximately one in 8 people.

The EPA is announcing a schedule to develop standards for wastewater discharges produced by natural gas extraction from underground coalbed and shale formations. No comprehensive set of national standards exists at this time for the disposal of wastewater discharged from natural gas extraction activities.

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