From Paul Schmidtbauer, P3S Awards Chair

Do you know an industrial user that should be recognized for their efforts and performance in process wastewater pretreatment technology, material recycling, waste minimization, pollution prevention practices or stormwater runoff control programs? Here is your chance to provide them the recognition they deserve.

Currently, the CWEA Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention, and Stormwater Committee is in the process of soliciting nominations for the 2011 Facility of the Year Awards. These FOTY Awards are intended to recognize industrial user sites for their outstanding and innovative solutions in multimedia waste management. [Read more]

After five years of making grants to help the developing world deal with water, sanitation, and hygiene issues, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced today that it will narrow its focus to sanitation.

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MRWPCA Assistant General Manager Brad Hagemann and Board Director Dennis Allion

The Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency is pleased to announce it won the 1st annual Breathe California Central Coast award in the Climate Change category.  The awards presentation was held on June 30th at the Monterey Plaza Hotel on historic Cannery Row in Monterey, CA.  MRWPCA Assistant General Manager Brad Hagemann and Board Director Dennis Allion accepted on behalf of MRWPCA.

The awards recognize positive initiatives that are being taken to reduce global warming and air pollution, and local leaders in the areas of Climate Change, Leadership and Technology.

From the award summary…

Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency has made environmental stewardship a very high priority, recycling valuable resources such as water, power, and biosolids and preventing harmful emissions and discharges whenever possible.   They voluntarily utilize process controls, co-generation and solar power generation in their operations reducing regional power consumption and on-site power generation.  The use of co-generation and photovoltaic panels alone has reduced PG&E power purchases by 80-90%.  Combined, these provide 9,353,000 KwH/yr. The agency harvests 100% of the methane gas it produces from the anaerobic digestion of biomass.  Ninety five percent (95%) of the methane produced is utilized to generate power for onsite use.  Excess power is sent to the power grid.  In 2010 this prevented the emission of 73,000,000 cubic meters of methane, which is 25 times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, which directly affects global climate change. Brad Hagemann, Assistant General Manager accepted the award.

California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) Member Alert

Update from Roberta Larson, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

CASA has received a number of inquiries from our members regarding the impact of the State budget on the annual fees for NPDES permits and Waste Discharge Requirements. The State Water Resources Control Board staff are still working through the numbers, and have not yet proposed a specific fee schedule. Revenue projections released last week indicate that an additional 44 percent in fee revenue is needed to support the NPDES permittees’ share of the core regulatory program and the newly shifted– previously General Funded– basin planning and total maximum daily load programs, for a total of just over $25 million. An increase of 24 percent is projected for WDR holders, which translates to just over $22 million for that program. However, the forecast revenue increases needed for FY 2011-12 do not directly correspond to anticipated fee schedule rate increases. If the State Water Board simply increased all fees across all fee payers to raise the needed revenues, each NPDES permit holder would be assessed approximately 55 percent more in fees than were paid last year. However, the State Water Board is considering several alternative fee schedules, which have differing impacts on dischargers depending upon where the base fee is set, what the fee cap will be, and other factors.

The proposed fee schedules will be released the second week of August, with a fee stakeholder briefing scheduled for August 11 in Sacramento. Additional updates will be provided at the August Conference.

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