Eastern Municipal Water District is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul D. Jones II as its new general manager effective July 25. Mr. Jones comes from Irvine Ranch Water District where he has served as general manager for the past 12 years. Jones succeeds Anthony J. Pack, who recently announced his retirement. “We searched nationally for someone to build on what Tony Pack and the District have been able to accomplish,” said Randy Record, EMWD’s director and representative on the Metropolitan Water District. “Paul Jones will be able to ramp up quickly because of his broad knowledge of water and wastewater, and his numerous contacts within the many agencies of Southern California.” [Read more]

by Sam Espinoza, LACSD
July SCAP Newsletter

With the heat of summer on its way those of us involved in the daily operation of a sewer collection system are reminded that the number of sewer odor complaints can rise dramatically as the outdoor temperatures increase. Some strategies used to keep odors under control include sealing manholes to keep the gases from escaping and chemical addition to treat the wastewater and keep odors from developing in the first place. In the summer months, the volume of chemicals that is needed to control odors can increase significantly along with the number of manholes that need to be sealed. [Read more]

by Deirdre Bingman, OCSD

The Orange County Sanitation District’s annual performance report for 2010 is now available. This year’s report is encapsulated in OCSD’s new “Quality Counts Inside and Out” brochure that features a few of our biosolids value chain super stars that help make our program one of the best in the nation! We are pleased to also offer this brochure in Spanish.

Additional information about OCSD’s Biosolids and Compost Programs can be found at:

  • Biosolids Program: http://www.ocsd.com/environmental/biosolids/biosolids_program.asp
  • Compost Program: http://www.ocsd.com/environmental/biosolids/compost_program.asp

From John Pastore, SCAP ED

It is with great regret that I must report we will be saying goodbye to longtime CWCCG Program Manager, Jackie Kepke, as she has announced that she will joining the public sector this month to take a position with the East Bay Municipal Utilities District. Jackie has done an outstanding job representing the wastewater community on climate change issues before our state regulators and while we wish her the best in her new career, her leadership will be sorely missed. In her place, we welcome her replacement, Dr. Zeynep Erdal, as the new CWCCG program Manager. Zeynep has worked with many of CWCCG’s Southern CA members on biogas energy projects over the years and has more recently been supporting So Cal Gas on their biomethane strategies and collaboration with the wastewater community. She is also currently serving on WEF’s energy policy task force.

As water becomes a scarcer and more precious resource, many communities are making use of recycled water to address growing water demands and limited supplies. One of the hurdles to gaining public acceptance of recycled water projects is perceived human health risks. [Read more]