Understand the environmental and social burdens of pharmaceutical waste at two free upcoming webinars;

• Recognize the complexity of pharmaceutical pollution;
• Distinguish between “upstream” and “downstream” solutions; and
• Gain resources to advocate for proper medication disposal with patients and their families.

CE credit is available to nurses and social workers.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM PST

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST

The California Hospice and Palliative Care Association (CHAPCA) – wastewater staff are encouraged to sign up; agencies are encouraged to reach out to medical, long-term care, and hospice contacts in their service area. Not all hospice agencies are members of this association, so they may not otherwise hear about the events. The more attendees, the better!

Download the flyer and registration form: http://www.calhospice.org/included/docs/education/2014/REG-med-disposal.pdf?utm_source=two+new+webinars&utm_campaign=webinar&utm_medium=email

These webinars are co-sponsored by Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group (BAPPG) a committee of BACWA and Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District.

In July the California Energy Commission and Department of Energy CHP WWTP put on a free webinar for senior and middle management responsible for capital projects, energy and environmental goals and engineers and vendors working on CHP projects that included fuel cells, IC engines, turbines and microturbines. The presentation is now available for download via the link:

You can also view the webinar here:

Please contact Gene Kogan, Pacific TAP Assistant Director, www.pacificCHPTAP.org directly for engineering help with your CHP projects.

Center for Sustainable Energy™

By Simon Watson, 2014-2015 CWEA President & Executive Committee Chair, Brown and Caldwell

CWEA Board nominations for the 2015 election are due January 2, 2015.
The CWEA Board of Directors and Executive Committee encourage you to nominate candidates for the following CWEA Board positions:

• Vice President from the North (will be President in third year of four-year term);
• Director at-large from the South (three-year term);
• Director at-large from the North (serves as CWEA Treasurer in third year of three-year term);
• Water Environment Federation (WEF) Delegate Director from the North (three-year term, starting in October 2015; however, attendance at Board meetings starts immediately after April 2015 elections is recommended).

Serving on CWEA’s Board not only allows you to give back to the profession that we care so much about but also provides you with an outstanding leadership and professional development opportunity. Nominate your next leader (or tell someone to nominate you) for your CWEA State Board.

Your local section and committee officers have received the Executive Committee request for nominations for CWEA Directors and Officers. However, to broaden the notification, this request is going out to the CWEA membership. See the CWEA website at www.cwea.org/members/mlr_leader_likeleader_jcb_ni.shtml for board nominations information and forms. Nomination forms must be in by January 2, 2015. [Read more]

by Kay Allen
Awards Chair, Tri-Counties Section CWEA

And the Top Ten Reasons Make a CWEA Awards Nomination Are…

Number Ten – CWEA awards are fun to get!

Number Nine – CWEA awards are great additions to office wall space.

Number Eight – CWEA awards come in many forms – from the illustrious Plant of the Year Award to the prestigious Collections System Person of the Year to the esteemed Outstanding Young Professional of the Year.

Number Seven – CWEA award winners will have their name prominently displayed in the Wastewater Professional, on the E-Bulletin, in your Local Section newsletter, etc. We’re proud to share your accomplishments!

Number Six – CWEA awards are great motivational tools.

Number Five – A CWEA award looks great on your resume.

Number Four – CWEA awards are great for showing your staff how much you appreciate their work.

Number Three – Local Section award winner’s nominations are forwarded to the state to compete for state-wide awards.

Number Two – CWEA awards show your agency’s governing body that your staff members are well respected professionals in their field.

Number One – The recipient of a CWEA award can proudly point to their award to prove they really know their stuff! [Read more]

Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director

Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director

This Executive Director’s Message highlights the June 27-28 Board workshop and meeting. CWEA’s fiscal year starts July 1 so much of this message is dedicated to the FY 14-15 program of work and budget just approved by the Board.

Investing in new CWEA programs for FY 14-15 – Our Members Are Worth It…On Saturday June 28th the CWEA Board approved another year of programs and the budget for FY 14-15 during the quarterly Board meeting in Oakland. We continue to reinvest in member services and new programs as the California economy improves.

The Board continues to focus on three key areas:

  1. Implementing more features from the new association management software, known as MyCWEA.org, which provides a strong foundation to operate our organization. Watch for CWEA contact hours in your member profile and the ability to submit speaker proposals online.
  2. Maintaining the high standards and trust in our competency-based certification program.
  3. Taking our educational programs to a new level with revamped, 21st-Century learning format. [Read more]