Join your colleagues in this interactive session.  There’s still time. Secure your spot today for our upcoming CWEA Technical Certification Preparation Session to prepare for your next CWEA certification exam. Our knowledgeable moderators will share how to use the many resources and tools to get you on the path to your certification. Space is limited, register online now!

Thursday, February 19
CWEA San Diego Section
City of Vista
Earn 7.2 CWEA Contact Hours

You’ll review the CWEA Path to Certification and delve into the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) that make up the core of your vocation.  You’ll use the newly developed KSA Gap Analysis Tool to identify areas to focus on during your studying.  Numerous and diverse sample questions will be reviewed as your moderator guides you through the highlights of your vocation.  You’ll be able to develop your own action plan tool for you to use throughout the day to track your action items and plan your next steps. You’ll leave this workshop with a better idea of what areas you need to focus on as you prepare for your exam.

The CWEA Quarter Century Recognition Program recognizes water professionals for their commitment to improving the quality of life and the protection of the environment. CWEA Quarter Century Recognition Program honorees have dedicated their careers in a challenging and most vital profession, the water environment field. These essential professionals who have spent countless hours improving our water environment include: Operators; Collection System, Maintenance, Laboratory, and Environmental Compliance personnel; Engineers; and Administrators. CWEA Quarter Century honorees will be presented with a framed certificate recognizing their achievement and a lapel pin they can proudly wear identifying them as members of this elite group of professionals. The application deadline has been extended to February 13 and can be downloaded here.

On February 1 President Obama released his FY16 budget proposal to Congress and it intensifies the focus on the President’s funding and policy priorities for the final fiscal year of his presidency. The proposal will boost the EPA’s funding by $452 million – up to $8.591 billion from its current $8.139 billion funding. The proposal sent to Congress calls for a cut to the Clean Water SRF program below the amount appropriated in FY15, but increases the Drinking Water SRF request level. For the Clean Water SRF the President has requested $1.1 billion, and the Drinking Water SRF request is $1.2 billion.

The SRF request of $2.3 billion for both SRFs combined appears to hold the total funds relatively steady in overall funding from FY15, where the clean water SRF received $1.4 billion and the drinking water SRF received $900 million for a combined $2.3 billion.

The FY16 budget proposal for EPA also requests funding increases for the agency’s waste, environmental justice, chemical safety, enforcement and water pollution control programs, which would support the implementation of new rules and agency initiatives in those areas. For example, EPA says it is seeking an extra $70 million in water quality programs and an extra $47 million to address chemical safety, among other increases.
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Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) is undertaking a monumental effort—called the EchoWater Project—to take the Sacramento region’s wastewater treatment to a whole new level.

In 2010, Regional San was issued stringent new treatment requirements from the State of California that require them to make the most significant upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant since its original construction. This new system, which must be in place by 2021-2023, will produce cleaner water for discharge to the Sacramento River and for possible reuse as recycled water (e.g., for landscape and agricultural irrigation).

The project was named “EchoWater Project” to reflect how it will take our wastewater and return it to a clean, natural state—much like an “echo” returning to its original source.

When completed, the EchoWater Project will be capable of meeting the region’s needs and protecting the region’s waterways for generations to come.

Read the EchoWater Fact sheet to find out more information.

The California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) is pleased to announce the 2014 Achievement Award winners.  The awards honor extraordinary clean water services, programs, and projects of CASA members developing unique and innovative approaches to improving public health in the communities they serve.  Presented at the January 2015 Winter Conference in Palm Springs, California, leading experts of wastewater agencies gathered during a luncheon to recognize and discuss innovative technology and outreach strategies.

Leading the way in the Technological Innovation and Achievement Award, Dublin San Ramon Services District was applauded for their Residential Recycled Water Fill Station project.  Meanwhile, the Rincon Point Septic to Sewer Conversion Project by Carpinteria Sanitary District was honored under the Outstanding Capitol Project category.  In addition, City of San Diego Public Utilities accepted the large agency award for Gaining Public Acceptance of Potable Reuse through Public Outreach and Education, while Delta Diablo took the prize as a small agency under the same division for their Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Global Water Education for Youth event.

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