By Ted J. Rulseh

Professionalism, Ingenuity, Contribution and Knowledge: Recognizes contributions to plant performance, independent action, safety and participation in CWEA activities.

The winners are:

Chris Lopez, Rancho California Water District
Francisco Ortega
Gorden Times
John Hugh, Sacramento Area Sewer District
Juan Coca, West Bay Sanitary District
Mark McGrath, City of Hayward
Michael Reilly, County of Santa Cruz
Vivien Malig, CWEA

PICK Winners

Honorable Paul Leon, Mayor of Ontario, welcomed attendees to CWEA’s Annual Conference

Mayor Leon presents welcome certificate to CWEA President Pei-Chin Low

Go ahead and leave the water running…we don’t say that anymore — Honorable Paul Leon

President Pei-Chin Low reviewed some of CWEA’s accomplishments over the past year…revalidation of the certification exam and study guides for collections systems, improved member value through an expanded e-bulletin and Wastewater Professional…Webinars on SSO WDR and local section treasurer training….and high-quality face-to-face trainings on topics across the water environment field from practitioners across the country.  The Association’s audit showed strong financials.  The Slate of board candidates were approved.

If you missed the meeting, you can participate in the CWEA State of Association online meeting on Wednesday, April 27 from 12-1PM.  Topics will include the FY09-10 Audit, Treasurer’s Report and an update on the Scholarship Fund.

To participate in this free online meeting, contact Victoria Rawson for call instructions.

We do too! Tuesday’s night icebreaker reception was a great opportunity for food, fun and networking. Friends old and new swapped stories at the famous (infamous?) ice breaker reception. Check out the photos below. Leave a shout out in the comments!