Hi CWEA Section Leaders,

Lauren Fondahl is the Biosolids Coordinator for EPA Region 9. She has brought to our attention a need to provide training about biosolids reporting based common mistakes found in these reports. The Biosolids Committee is putting together these lunch seminars in addition to workshops at the NRTC and annual conference to address these reporting issues. Please consider this presentation for an upcoming luncheon and send me open dates to help coordinate seminars between all the local sections. I’ve included a title and summary of the presentation below.

Presentation Title – Biosolids 101 – Are You Reporting Correctly?

Presenter: Lauren Fondahl, Biosolids Coordinator-EPA Region 9

Workshop Description: Mistakes can be made when reporting biosolids end use or disposal. These mistakes can range from a incorrect entry to misunderstanding the reporting requirements. This presentation will review the current regulatory compliance aspects for biosolids tracking, monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements. Tracking requirements will describe the responsibility for end use or disposal. Monitoring requirements for various use or disposal practices will be discussed, including methods frequency, hold times.


Todd Jordan

CWEA Biosolids Committee Chair

2011 Prize to Focus on Wastewater as a Resource

Imagine H2O, an organization that aims to inspire and empower people to turn water challenges into opportunities, today announced its 2011 Prize for businesses using wastewater as a resource. This year’s business plan prize will feature $150,000 in cash and in-kind services to be distributed amongst the winners and runners-up. Imagine H2O’s 2011 Prize will highlight wastewater innovations and extend the organization’s Accelerator Program to the most promising new businesses. Imagine H2O’s Prize, now in its third year, will highlight startup businesses across the spectrum
of wastewater solutions. The 2011 Prize expects to attract wastewater innovations related to reuse, treatment, resource recovery, energy production, smart management, and other methods to generate revenue from wastewater opportunities. The competition, which will be open to entrepreneurs from around the world, is divided into two
tracks: pre-revenue and early revenue (!$5MM) companies. Finalists from both tracks will enter the Imagine H2O Accelerator Program – a recognized path-to-market platform featuring an advanced network of business service providers, industry mentors, investors, beta-customers and
other strategic partners. Once again, Imagine H2O’s Prize will feature a judging panel comprised of industry leaders, academic experts and seasoned investors. ”Wastewater is all about perception,” said Imagine H2O’s Prize Manager Kate Gasner, “and the industry’s strategy is evolving from risk management to asset recovery. Our 2011 Prize is an
initiative to position wastewater as a business opportunity while supporting a new wave of entrepreneurship within the sector.” [Read more]

From Bob Gillette

Ron Bergland

It is with sadness that we mark the passing of Ron Bergland on Saturday July 31, 2011. Ron was very active in CWEA, going through the chairs and serving as president of the San Francisco Bay Section. He then served for many years on the Northern Regional Committee including as Chair. As the Northern Regional Chair he was also a Director on the CWEA Board. Ron was also very active in CASA making many presentations and serving as chair of the Associates Committee and chairing the Awards Committee.

Ron spent his entire engineering career with Carollo Engineers. For many years Ron was Carollo’s lead process engineer. Ron has been retired now for about 5 years. Ron served as a mentor to many of us. He always had time to go into detail on any aspect of wastewater treatment, and never failed to provide just the information needed to solve your problem. Through his career he worked with over 130 wastewater plants, many of which sent him their process data and received calls from him wanting to know why their process had changed up until the day he retired. It did not matter if your plant was a 0.1 mgd oxidation ditch or a 100 mgd pure oxygen plant, Ron made time to help the operators who asked. Ron wanted to pass on the information he had learned to anyone he could help. He wrote or presented over 30 papers at WEF, CWEA and other member association conferences.

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Popular Science magazine listed the City of Thousand Oaks as one of the 50 greenest cities in America. City officials Mark Watkins and Chuck Rogers explain to this TEDx audience how the city is moving ahead on sustainable infrastructure and preparing for some big challenges that lie ahead.