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Three years ago on January 10, 2008, the Orange County Water District (OCWD) and the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) made history by receiving final approval to operate the world’s largest advanced wastewater purification system for indirect potable reuse, the Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS). The facility takes highly treated wastewater and purifies it to exceed all state and federal drinking water standards. The end result is 70 million gallons (265,000 cubic meters) per day of the highest-quality water that is locally-controlled, drought-proof and reliable.

The GWRS serves as a model for public agency collaboration on one of the most significant water projects in U.S. history, winning more than 35 international, national and regional awards, including the 2008 Stockholm Industry Water Award. The project helps increase water reliability in Orange County, California, and over time will help improve and protect the water quality of the large groundwater basin that underlies north and central Orange County.

More than 57 billion gallons of high-quality water and counting…the GWRS creates new water Orange County can count on!

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WEF is conducting a January 19 webcast on a repeat of Technical Session 52 from WEFTEC 2010: Energy Management and Conservation Practices at Wastewater Treatment Facilities. This hot topic session will focus on energy conservation measures and best management practices for wastewater treatment facilities. The three presentations chosen for this webcast address innovative energy conservation and management methods, practices and tools, and includes case studies of energy conservation at wastewater facilities.  More information

The National Biosolids Partnership will conduct a “no charge” webcast on January 26, 2011 from 2:00-3:45 pm EST to discuss the findings from a December 1-2, 2010 facilitated forum of invited biosolids experts across the U.S. to discuss current and future issues, drivers and trends associated with Biosolids Management. Trends and drivers that will be discussed include: public policy and regulations, technology, operation and management, outreach and training and research needs. Webcast Details Registration information Professional development hours will be available for this webcast.

WEF  is pleased to announce the WEF Fellows Program to recognize the professional achievements, impact and stature of WEF members in the practice areas served by WEF, including – but not limited to -design, education, operations, regulation, research, and utility management and leadership. WEF Fellow applicants and nominees will be considered by a selection committee, and approved by the WEF Board of Trustees.  If you or another WEF member deserves recognition for  professional achievements,  has a minimum of five consecutive years of WEF membership, and a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in a practice area served by WEF, the WEF Fellows Recognition Program provides the path to recognize those achievements and contributions to the global water environment.

The deadline for application/nomination submission is February 1, 2011. WEF staff contact: Theresa Mixon, tmixon@wef.org