Conference recap provided by Wendy Wert, LACSD with contributions from the CWEA Biosolids Committee and conference speakers

On January 18, the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) Biosolids Committee hosted a specialty conference, Biosolids:  Putting Regulators and Researchers in Touch with YOU… the Practitioner, at the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Joint Administration Office in Whittier. Another session was held on January 19, 2011 at the Shannon Community Center in Dublin.  This one-day biosolids specialty conference, which trained 125 water environment professionals, consisted of a series of technical presentations separated by interactive discussions among leading experts and attendees.   The morning session consisted of opening remarks presented by the conference Chairs (Dave Bachtel and Todd Jordan), followed by six technical presentations.  The innovative networking lunch also served as a venue for a discussion of CWEA’s Biosolids Land Application Management Certification.  The afternoon session consisted of five technical presentations, and closing remarks were delivered by the conference Chairs.

A total of nine speakers gave presentations at both venues that covered a wide range of relevant topics, including the following:

  • State issues update from the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA),
  • National scientific research review from the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF),
  • Innovative look at Biosolids and Greenhouse Gas Accounting,
  • Discussion of biosolids constituents,
  • Analysis of specific trace organics, an update on dioxin and radiation biosolids research results,
  • Overview of microorganisms in biosolids,
  • Update on chemical research results from biosolids land application, and
  • Discussion of case studies of urban gardening projects that use biosolids products

Review the presentations and findings from the nationally known Biosolids experts.

BAYWORK, a collaboration of Bay Area water and wastewater utilities working together to create the workforce of the future, has developed a roadmap which includes four strategies for supporting operational reliability. CWEA SCVS and SFBS member and volunteer Joanna De Sa is involved in this effort.

One of BAYWORK’s workforce development strategies is to optimize use of existing staff by modifying work practices (e.g., through increased use of technology, modification of job classifications and assignments, and administrative changes such as interagency agreements). BAYWORK’s Strategy 3 committee surveyed Bay Area  water/wastewater utilities to research work innovations in place and under consideration, and conducted a workshop (hosted by Foster City) to discuss successes, lessons learned, and future options. Findings from the survey and workshop, as well as planned next steps, are summarized in the BAYWORK Workplace Innovations White Paper

CWEA RES Member Christian Williams

22-year old CWEA Redwood Empire Section member Christian Williams spends a lot of time on Youtube when he is not at work.  While many Youtube visitors keep themselves busy watching the latest video sensation, and quite often employers block access to Youtube at work, Christian uses Youtube to share wastewater operator math tutorial videos that he has created on his own. The main audience is his fellow operators who are preparing for their certification exams and those aspiring to break into the water quality professions.  To date, Christian has created 18 wastewater operator math instructional videos and they are all freely available. The videos cover a wide range of math topics for all five certified operator levels. Since May 2009, his videos have been viewed over 33,000 times and his Youtube channel has been visited over 4,800 times.

You can find Christian’s videos on Youtube and on his own CAWastewater web site.

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