World Health Organization recently published Progress on Sanitation and Drinking-water: 2010 Update, which is now available online for $20.

From the website description…

This report describes the status and trends with respect to the use of safe drinking water and basic sanitation and progress made towards the MDG drinking water and sanitation target.

As the world approaches 2015, it becomes increasingly important to identify who are left behind and to focus on the challenges of addressing their needs. This report therefore shows disparities: the gap between progress in providing access to drinking-water versus sanitation; the divide between urban and rural populations in terms of the services provided; differences in the way different regions are performing, bearing in mind that they started from different baselines; and disparities between different economic strata in society.

Each JMP report assesses the situation and trends anew. The information presented in this report includes data from household surveys and censuses completed during the period 2007-2008. It also contains datasets from earlier surveys and censuses that have become available to the JMP since the publication of the previous JMP report in 2008.

For this report data nearly 300 surveys and censuses covering the period 1985 – 2008, were added to the JMP data base. The present JMP report therefore supersedes previous reports. These data do not yet reflect the efforts of the 2008 International Year of Sanitation which mobilized renewed support around the world for stopping the practice of open defecation and promote the use of latrines and toilets.

Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine interviewed Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs , about dream jobs.

Check out one of his responses to this question: Tell us about a few gigs with an unexpected upside.

Waste Water Treatment. A lift pump weighs 4 tons and when it ruptures underground, the container that it’s in—a five-story silo—fills with anything that was in the toilet. Slowly the 4-ton motor is subsumed. Men, meanwhile, are running down a set of spiral stairs around this silo-like structure and muscling their way through a series of watertight doors. When they get into the chamber, they swim to the broken pump. They’re neck-deep in the most unthinkable filth you can imagine. When you get to the pump, you climb on top of it. From the very top, a crane lowers a cable. You affix it to the coupling device and then you hang on as an operator lifts the entire mess. The sound a broken lift pump makes when it breaks the seal of crap that’s been holding it there on the ground, it’ll haunt your dreams. The upside? Did you see Band of Brothers ? When you’re done with a job like that, a couple of things become apparent. The first: Nobody in town realizes what you just did for them. The second thing is the It’s A Wonderful Life paradigm. Remove yourself retroactively from civilization and visualize what a big city looks like without you and your team. You just saved the world, man.

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Watch an excerpt from a wastewater treatement episode of Dirty Jobs.

CWEA is proud to announce that Sumit Mitra has won the California 2010 Stockholm Junior Water Prize.  Sumit competed with over 24 other junior scientists throughout California. Sumit’s project is entitled, “The Effect of Photosensitization of Fullerene-based Nanoparticles on Reactive Oxygen Species Generation and Toxicity to Viruses in Various Aqueous Environments.”  Sumit is a Senior at University High School in Irvine, CA.   As part of CWEA’s commitment to the program, CWEA will award Sumit Mitra with a $250 cash prize, provide him a student membership in WEF/CWEA,  publish his paper in an upcoming Wastewater Professional and fund his and his teacher’s airfare to attend the 2010 National Competition on June 17-20 in St. Louis Missouri.    Good luck Sumit!

AC 2010 sticker LOGO w-lineThis year’s CWEA Annual Conference in Sacramento followed CWEA tradition by providing quality and value to our members.  The conference was jam-packed with training and networking-oriented events and opportunities, setting new standards with respect to information and training access.  As is the tradition for CWEA, this year’s conference was a model for how stretching our boundaries enables better and better events each year.  Please read on for highlights of the many great events and programs that took place at AC10. [Read more]

And the winners are…

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