Performing an energy assessment is a crucial step to assessing and improving energy efficiency, helping your facility reduce emissions and operating costs. For example, a recent energy assessment conducted at a wastewater treatment facility in our region identified energy conservation opportunities that could annually reduce power consumption by 4,560,100 kWh and save $887,000 in operating costs.

EPA has partnered with the Department of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs) to provide a limited number of wastewater treatment facilities with no-cost energy assessments, akin to an ASHRAE Level II energy audit. [Read more]

From Hugh Logan, WEF Delegate Director

We had an awesome turnout for the Operations Program during the Northern Regional Training Conference in Modesto.   It was important to us to provide 2 full days of Operator training this year and, thanks to our speakers, we pulled it off.   For those who missed the Operator Program at NRTC, here’s a recap.

On Thursday, we started with a session about liquid stream H2S control methods from John Harrell of Helix Laboratories.   Then, Josh Gleason of Treatment Equipment Company led us through the decision making process in selecting the most appropriate valve actuator based on cost, maintenance, and accuracy.   We then had a collaborative discussion on the skills needed by Operators to meet future process control and regulatory requirements, while accommodating tightening agency budgets (more about the results of this discussion later). [Read more]

CWEA Board member and Northern Regional Committee Chair David Stoops has accepted a new job, and, unfortunately, is not able to continue in his NRC or Board positions.  NRC Vice Chair Stephen Caswell was able to step up and fulfill the role as Chair of the Committee.  The Board approved his appointment to the NRC Chair position and to the Board at its September Board Meeting. Stephen is Associate Vice President with Carollo Engineers working out of their Sacramento office and is a Past President of CWEA’s Sacramento Area Section.

By Carrie Mattingly, 2012-2013 CWEA President & Executive Committee Chair

City of San Luis Obispo, [email protected]

CWEA Board nominations for the 2013 election are due December 20, 2012.
The CWEA Board of Directors and Executive Committee encourage you to nominate candidates for the following CWEA Board positions:

  • Vice President from the North (will be President in third year of four-year term);
  • Director at-large from the South (three-year term);
  • Director at-large from the North (serves as CWEA Treasurer in third year of three-year term);
  • Water Environment Federation (WEF) Delegate Director from the North (three-year term, starting in October 2013; however, attendance at Board meetings starts immediately after April 2013 elections).

Serving on CWEA’s Board not only allows you to give back to the profession that we care so much about but also provides you with an outstanding leadership and professional development opportunity.  Nominate your next leader (or tell someone to nominate you) for your CWEA State Board.

Your local section and committee officers have received the Executive Committee request for nominations for CWEA Directors and Officers.  However, to broaden the notification, this request is going out to the CWEA membership.  See the CWEA website at for board nominations information and forms.  Nomination forms must be in by December 20th.

The web-based FY 2011-12 Annual Performance Report will be available on the State Water Board’s Internet site for the September 19, 2012 Board Meeting.  Additionally, this year’s incorporates much of the compliance and enforcement information that was formerly reported in the Water Board’s annual Enforcement Report.

The  NPDES 2011 annual enforcement report, required under section 13385(o) of the California Water Code, is now available at the State Water Board Internet Website. (Under Enforcement, Enforcement Reports). And is now part of the Water Boards’ Annual Performance report.

The 2011 Annual Enforcement Report is also part of the Annual performance Report and is now available on the Water Boards’ web site. There are no paper or PDF copies for this report.

To find the Enforcement Information please go to the enforcement tab in the performance report.

For section 13385 Enforcement Report go to:

The information provided under section 13385(o) is now continuously updated and reported.

If you need any information regarding the FY 2011-12 Annual Performance Report please contact:

Rafael Maestu
Research Program Specialist
Office of Research, Planning and Performance
State Water Resources Control Board
California Environmental Protection Agency
(916) 341-5894
[email protected]